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Jesse Garon on Channel 13 for Elvis Contest

Jesse Garon on Channel 13

Natalie Portman, Nora Jones, and Jesse Garon in Blueberry Nights Pt.1

This movie filmed at ArtBar when Jesse Garon owned it. Blueberry Nights was Nora’s first movie also starring Jude Law, Rachael Weiss

Stripped Naked Vegas with Jesse Garon in Las Vegasedited 20 min version part 1 (contains nudity)

This documentary about the making of the book Naked Vegas is currently airing on Showtime and does contain nudity. Jesse Garon struggles with the decision to appear totally nude for an upcoming book about Las Vegas

MTV I want a Famous Face part 2

The View Live from Las Vegas with Jesse Garon as Elvis Presley

The ladies of the view come to the bright light city. Live from Caesars Palace the view spotlights the many stars that shine nightly on the Las Vegas Strip. Jesse Garon the official Elvis of Las Vegas kicks off the show with a Rocking Blue Suede Shoes

Haunted Las Vegas Stories Redd Foxx Ghost with Jesse Garon as Elvis

Vegas has many ghost still among us but none as funny and famous as Redd Foxx the Ghost. Hear tales from Jesse Garon an Elvis impersonator who once lived in the late comedians mansion in Vegas.

Jesse Garon on Jay Leno 2nd appearance

Stripped Naked Vegas Edited 20 min Version Part 2

Part 2 of the award winning documentary of the making of the book Naked Las Vegas which is now airing on Showtime.

Modern Bride 04-05/

ELVIS LIVES! Know all the words to “Love Me Tender”? (That’s okay, The King will back you up. Jesse Garon was featured in an advertisement in Modern Bride for ladies formal wear by Couture Bridal and men’s formal wear by Gingiss. Elvis was wearing “his own fabulous clothing.”

MTV I want a famous face part 1