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Jesse Garon on Access Hollywood Playgirl Editiion as Elvis Presley

Access Hollywood shines its light on the official Elvis of Las Vegas Jesse Garon as he gets ready with a little plastic suregery and fine tuning to get ready to be the first Elvis impersonator ever to grace the pages of PLAYGIRL.

Jesse Garon on french tv piece mar 09

This piece done in march 2009 about the economy and Elvis impersonator Jesse Garon in Las Vegas.

Haunted Las Vegas Stories Redd Foxx Ghost with Jesse Garon as Elvis

Vegas has many ghost still among us but none as funny and famous as Redd Foxx the Ghost. Hear tales from Jesse Garon an Elvis impersonator who once lived in the late comedians mansion in Vegas.

Jesse Garon Valentines Day VH1 appearance as Elvis Presley

Love is in the air as couples come to vegas to tie the knot. Elvis Jesse Garon is onhand to help commemorate their special day in the Wedding Capital of the World.