Fire Praying Mantis of Marriage Experience


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Fire_shooting_Praying_Mantis_carFire Preying Mantis of Marriage Experience

  •  Elvis will preside over a romantic ceremony as the twinkling eyes of the Preying Mantis of Marriage looks upon you and yours.  You will never have a more   unique  opportunity for more PERFECT photos THAN THIS.  Wed or Renew your vows as spectators drive by in envy and as your guests gather round filling the atmosphere with snapping flash bulbs and running video.  You and your guests will never forget this unique and fun Las Vegas  Wedding. Most chapels prohibit taking of photos, all your guests are free to take as many pictures and video as they wish with ELVIS  at the  famous fire throwing Preying Mantis.…which goes into a frenzy of fire at the site of the couple kissing as they unite. 

    • Elvis to serenade two songs for you and yours. !Praying_Mantis_Fire_Show_in_Container_Park_Fremont_Las_Vegas

    • Photos   15 digital photos taken by our Professional Las Vegas photographer.

    • Bridal rose

    • Coordinator and Witness

    • ($595.)