Vegas Elvis

Here Comes The Bride & Elvis – So Valentine’s day has come and gone. So I’m late. Well, romance is making me late, you see, and I’ve got the video to prove it. It all started 14 years ago . . . so, we’re married . . . so time goes by . . . fast forward to today and we’re in Vegas (to be remarried) . . . Pulling into the drive is a beautiful pink-as-Pepto 1955, four-door, chromed-to-the-gills Cadillac Eldorado and out leaps my groomsman, my icon of the Sourt, my vision of how this memorable wedding thing is supposed to go. Gold lame coat, peg pants, blue (no bull!) shoes and hair as pompadoured as it gets – Elvis, by God, Elvis! The girls pile in and we’re rolling down the Stirp and people are hollering and pointing and taking pictures and laughing and smiling and getting us to slow down so they can rubberneck. We are bathed in surging Elvis tune and pumped . . . Elvis gives the bride away and sings and we vow to each other and light candles and exchange rings again and then the minister intones very seriously, in spite of Elvis hovering nearby . . . I can’t wait to go back.