Elvis + Pink Cadillac Experience

Viva Las Vegas / Pink Cadillac Experiences

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Imagine you and yours being picked up by the KING in what has become the ultimate symbol of Rock and Roll….a mint condition Pink Cadillac Convertible. This Cadillac will whisk you and yours away and cruise you down the most famous street in the world….the spectacular Las Vegas Blvd..


  •   You & your loved one will be picked up in a Pink Cadillac Convertible by Elvis  himsELVIS at your hotel,  then on to the chapel, and returned to your hotel.

     •  Elvis as guest at your wedding, to serenade, you and yours, two of your favorite Elvis tunes.

    •   Elvis available for photos at the conclusion of your wedding.

Price: ($649)

You and your sweetheart head to the chapel as you snuggle in the back seat of the Pink Cadillac with ELVIS himselvis at the wheel. Become mesmerized at the amazing sights, exciting sounds, dancing water, and glittering lights that the fabulous  City Las Vegas is known for.

In a town where limousines are more common than taxis, your unique choice will be one that you and your guest will talk  about for years to come. After your wedding you will be returned to your hotel to being your new life as Mr. and Mrs.

Hunka Hunka Burning Love

Includes the following:

  • Elvis as guest at your wedding, to serenade, you and yours, two of your favorite Elvis tunes. 

  • Elvis available for photos at the conclusion of your wedding.

Price: ($295)

(Does not include Pink Cadillac)

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Married By Elvis HimsElvis Add On

What could be better and make your Vegas Wedding more complete than having….the King officiate over your exchange of vows or ceremony!

  • Add this to any Elvis experience above for only $100.00!

  • Rock and Roll Reverend Jesse Garon Las Vegas first and foremost Elvis is certified to perform your wedding, renewal, commitment ceremony, and even a non binding love ceremony for your special service. ($100.)

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Our wedding packages are designed to save YOU money, we plan your wedding day, so you are free to plan your wedding night. We take all the stress out of your wedding plans so your wedding will be a dream, without the nightmare of planning it.

When you book your chapel and Elvis with one coordinator this eliminates confusion on both ends. And by booking with the wedding king you know you’re saving more money than dealing with the chapels direct.

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