Vegas Elvis

Mayor Oscar B. Goodman presents Jesse Garon with the key to the city in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, NV – Before Mayor Goodman leaves office, he will present legendary Elvis emulator Jesse Garon – the Official Elvis of Las Vegas – with a key to the city on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 1:30pm at Mayor Goodman’s office. This will be the last key given during Goodman’s mayoral tenure. Garon, known as the King of all the Kings’ men is being honored for his community service, business leadership, and demonstrated commitment to giving back to the community that made him a Las Vegas legend.Since moving to Las Vegas, Garon has been no stranger to firsts, becoming the first Elvis ever to be on the cover of Time Magazine (November, 1998), the first Elvis to be in Playgirl (showing the king’s jewels for charity in March 2004), and the first Elvis to become a reverend – permitting him to solemnize marriages as Elvis in Nevada. Today he becomes the first Elvis impersonator to receive a key to the city.Many may know him from his yearly appearance in the Helldorado Parades, where he drives his 1955 Pink Cadillac convertible, or as a businessman who contributed to the gentrification of Downtown Las Vegas, where he opened the ARTBAR, and the Knot Wedding Chapel at the Plaza Hotel, and others… from one of the nearly 70 movies and TV shows he’s been in, including The Today Show, The View, 20/20, and Late Night with Jay Leno, to name a few.Over the years, Garon has worked hard to draw attention to Las Vegas. With the help of the wedding industry, LVCVA, and the Nevada Wedding Association, Garon spearheaded efforts to create a media grabbing event of the 09/09/09 renewal of Mayor and Mrs Goodman’s wedding vows. Independent evaluations estimated the media return for the city and wedding industry at a whopping $3.2 million.Among his favorite charities is Nevada Reading Week. ‘Reading to the future leaders of Las Vegas is always a joyful and fulfilling experience,’ Garon said.‘Las Vegas has given me it ALL, and treated me like a King, however, I have learned it’s not what you got…..It’s what you give, and I am truly honored and humbled by this honor.’ says Garon.