Intimate Rock and Glow Experience ($1549)


Elvis Glasses

Just Married by Elvis Robes

These Robes are stitched with over 20.000 stitches to make up the Elvis logo and print that says “Married by Elvis in Las Vegas” . Plush and soft and perfect for that first night of your happily ever after.

Commemorative Professional Video of Your Ceremony

Add $149.00 For Commemorative DVD of your ceremony at the Famous sign to show your friends and family. Complete with Las Vegas leader and HD camera and sound. Includes candid and behind scene footage of the special event.

Just Married by Elvis Theme T-shirt

Tell them all when you arrive home from Las Vegas that you Did it with the KING. Our Wedding theme shirts and GAME OVER shirts available now.



Want a truly hip, unique, visually stimulating and classic with a modern flair location like no other?  Here it is.  Gone are the glory days of elaborate, angled neon blazing in the desert. But thanks to the Neon Boneyard in downtown Las Vegas, you can experience some of Sin City’s retired retro glitz, up close and personal. The 2 acre Boneyard boasts over 150 donated and rescued signs, ranging in period from the late 1930s to the early 1990s. Typophiles and neon junkies rejoice!

Includes the following:                                                                                                    boneyard couple 4

  • The KING to pick you up in the convertible pink cadillac, escort you like only a King can to the Famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign, down the Las Vegas strip, and eventually onto the Neon Boneyard.

  •   Jesse Garon will preside over a romantic ceremony as the twinkling lights of the famous Las Vegas sign dance above you. You will never have a more   unique  opportunity for more PERFECT photos THAN THIS.  Weddings, renewal of vows, commitment ceremony, and even a non binding love                                             ceremony as unique as your love are available.

  • Jesse Garon to serenade, you and yours, two of your favorite Elvis tunes.

Spectators drive by in envy and as your guests  gather round filling the atmosphere with snapping flash bulbs and running video.  You and your guests will never forget this Viva Las Vegas  wedding.  Most chapels prohibit taking of photos, all your guests are free to take as many pictures and video as they wish with the KING at the  famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign…which for them will be a chance of a lifetime!! (Makes for great Christmas Card Photos.)

  • Photos taken by our Professional Las Vegas photographer (min 150 photos) at the Las Vegas sign and  Neon Boneyard.

  • One hour professional photo shoot in the historic Neon Boneyard.   Includes 2- 8×10 and 12 – 4×6 photos of your choice.

  • Guided tour down the Las Vegas strip with the KIng in his 1960 Pink Cadillac convertible, on the way to the legendary Neon Boneyard

  • The KING will return you to your hotel or destination of choice on the Las Vegas strip to begin your happily ever after.